A New Approach to Private Wealth Management


What future do you want to build?

Strategic financial planning doesn’t look the same for everyone. Ulta helps you reach your unique financial goals through customized, hands-on investment strategy.
At Ulta, we prioritize your goals, your family, and your ambitions. We don’t just build wealth -- we help build the life you want.
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What we do

Retirement Planning
Our personalized, forward-thinking retirement planning is designed for high-net worth clients. For wealthy individuals who want to maintain their standard of living throughout their lifetimes, we assess your individual situation to ensure your future is secure, profitable, and offers the cash flow and liquidity you need to live your best years during retirement.
Custom Financial Planning/Option Trading Strategies
Our custom-built portfolios are designed to reflect your individual financial goals and risk-tolerance. We know that not every client has the same financial situation or priorities. Our private wealth managers get to know your specific needs and aspirations so we can select the investment products and strategies that build the financial future you want.
Individual Wealth Management
We work with wealthy individuals and families at any stage of the investment process. Whether you’re building wealth, growing family trusts, or managing and reallocating assets, our private wealth advisors are experts in the financial situations of high-net worth clients. We implement investment management strategies that match your preferences and ambitions.

Will your current investment portfolio accomplish your goals?

Our Approach

Hands-on Wealth Management
Hands-on Wealth Management
Our private wealth managers will actively manage your assets to make the most out of every market opportunity.
Custom-built Investments
Custom-built Investments
We don't believe in cookie-cutter portfolios. Tell us your future goals so we can design your portfolio to help you reach them.
Transparent Financial Planning
Transparent Financial Planning
Your financial planner will always be fully-transparent about our investment strategies and decisions.
Risk-specific Assets
Risk-specific Assets
We learn your risk tolerance and manage assets accordingly. We'll ensure you're comfortable during any market volatility.
Targeted Portfolio Options
Targeted Portfolio Options
Our targeted portfolios can help manage risk by addressing specific preferences or portions of your investments.

Other Specialties

Options Trading Transition Assets NAPT
Options Trading
Transition Assets
Options Trading

Options are cost-effective, lower-risk investments that have strategic advantages, including higher-percentage returns. Ulta specializes in options trading to help manage and mitigate risk across any market scenario.

Transition Assets

For those high-worth individuals or families in need of transition management, we make reallocation decisions that are more cost-effective and profitable for your total portfolio value in the long-term.


Take advantage of Nevada’s trust-friendly laws with a Nevada Asset Protection Trust. We specialize in managing NAPTs for individuals in- and out-of-state to safeguard the assets you’ve worked so hard to build.



What is private wealth management?

Private wealth management firms offer a range of financial services and investment management offerings for high-net worth individuals. Private wealth financial advisors can help clients achieve their short-term and long-term financial goals. Affluent individuals with multiple assets and alternative investments can benefit from the guidance and expertise of a private wealth manager. An investment advisor can help higher net-worth individuals secure a stronger financial future for themselves and family members. Ulta wealth managers work with clients with a minimum of $200K of liquid assets.

What kind of clients do you work with?

Private wealth managers work closely with wealthy individuals who have sizable assets at any stage of the investment process. If you’re a higher-net worth individual needing trust management, asset relocation, retirement planning, or wealth building, our financial planners and affiliates specialize in wealth building for affluent individuals and families.

Do you work with clients outside of Nevada?

Yes. We work with clients across the United States, but our Nevada location equips us to handle asset relocation for anyone moving to the state or those interested in an Nevada Asset Protection Trust (NAPT). NAPTs are particularly great asset protection options for neighboring Californians, but any individual can set up a NAPT as long as the trustee has Nevada residency.

How often do you communicate with your clients?

Our wealth managers communicate with you about your investments and finances as often as you want. We are always on-hand to provide general information about your investments, accurate information on market trends and opportunities, and the specific information or the extra measures we may take during periods of market volatility. Unlike a broker from a larger wealth management firm like Morgan Stanley or Goldman Sachs, our private wealth advisors provide a hands-on, personalized investment strategy that closely partners with you through the ups and downs of investing.

Do you offer tax planning or estate planning for your clients?

No. We do not offer tax advice or estate planning. Although we can direct you toward more tax-friendly investments, we are not IRS or tax professionals. Depending on your personal information, retirement plan, or tax situation, we will guide you to the investment products that produce the most progress toward your financial goals.

How do you charge for your advisory services?

We charge a fee based on the size of the assets being managed. Reach out to us through this web site regarding our fees or for any other informational purposes.